Campus Strategic Partners (CSP) is seeking Campus Consultants

Position Background

Founded in 2006, Campus Strategic Partners, the leading management consulting firm dedicated to campus recruiting and university relations, seeks a Campus Recruiting expert to join its fast growing, dynamic research and consulting practice in the position of Campus Consultant. CSP's Research & Consulting practice has provided exceptional strategic and consulting services to large, mid-size and small companies and government entities that hire campus talent. Our team of campus recruiting experts is comprised of individuals who are thought leaders, passionate about college recruiting, and who apply their subject matter expertise to address client's most pressing recruiting challenges.

Campus Consultant Position Description

The CSP campus consultant provides campus recruiting expertise to corporate and government clients that wish to launch or strengthen their campus recruiting program. The campus consultant is able to present knowledge of campus recruiting strategy, campus recruiting models and structure, campus recruiting process and roles, data-driven school selection process, campus recruiter training, candidate satisfaction surveys and critical measures of campus program effectiveness. Our consultants are former campus recruiting directors who have led high volume, mature programs as well as fast growth, evolving campus recruiting initiatives at smaller companies. They are active teachers and learners in the profession, demonstrating their knowledge of best practices, and seeking new approaches that optimize resources and deliver results. Additionally, campus consultants assist clients in leveraging technology, social media, and advancements in the field of campus recruiting and university relations.


Position Details

CSP Campus Consultants are engaged in several ways:

While Campus Strategic Partners is located in the New York Metro Area, the Campus Consultant can be located anywhere in the US.

If interested and qualified, send resume to

Closing Date: Open Until Filled