Mary Cooperwasser, Marketing/Client Communication Specialist


Mary brings CSP clients the skills of a diverse 30-year career focused on communicating the benefits of service-related businesses for the legal, architectural, and senior living industries and, importantly for CSP, secondary and university educational organizations.

Her achievements have been based upon excellent and consistent communication skills used to clearly convey solutions through a variety of vehicles and media: publication, website, personal (written and oral) and group presentations. Throughout, Mary provided training in skill development and methodology for effective relationship building, including successful interview techniques, tactical follow-up, organizational and group strategic planning, and use of focus groups to build buy-in and consensus.

Of particular value for CSP clients is Mary's 12-years as a college major gifts officer (Eastern Michigan University), and Executive Director and chief fundraiser for an educational foundation. In addition to team and organizational management, her work successfully imparted each organization's brand message and client value, exceeding stated goals annually for each one. Her work included building staff teams, volunteer networks, and the use of technology.

Mary has given presentations at ABA annual conferences, state workshops and was published in a state legal journal on the use of technology and organizational management. Mary oversees all aspects of business and client engagement and satisfaction for CSP.

Specialties include: