Campus Strategic Partners, LLC is an independent consulting, training, and insourcing firm specializing in university relations and recruiting.

We can help you every step of the way on the journey to a best-in-class program -- from starting a new university relations and recruiting program to making significant improvements in an existing program.



So what does "recruiting on campus the right way" mean to you? At CSP, we think the right way will likely depend upon your company's culture, size, and business imperatives for hiring. It will probably also depend upon the maturity and current state of your university relations and recruiting.

We believe there are no silver bullets, no cookie-cutter approaches, or one way of doing things in the college recruiting world. We can help you develop a customized approach for a sound URR program structure and consice strategic planning. We can also help you document and codify your processes, which may include organzational charts, structured roles and responsibilities, efficient timelines and forms, and powerful dashboards.

What are the "right" schools for you to recruit? We have developed a fact-based approach to help you identify the criteria most important to your organization, gather and synthesize data, and produce recommendations.

What are the "right" metrics? The answers to this question will depend on things like your information systems, data reliability, and process points you are trying to measure. We can help you select the right metrics to match importance and priorities of your organization.

Do you have an authentic employer value proposition?



You probably already know that some of the most important people in your university relations and recruiting program are the representatives you send on campus. But have you provided them sound, consistent training? And what about your line managers, have you provided them with consistent tools and processes to ensure they select the best candidates for your organization?

We can help you develop and implement the right training for your staff, recruiters, campus teams, campus ambassadors, supervisors and line managers of millennials, and even the interns and new hire, early-careerists themselves.

Our learning methods may be live instruction or seminars, webinars, and/or web-based virtual courses -- all tailored for your company's specific requirements.



Do you have improvement or special projects for which you never seem to find the time to devote? Our consultants can work with you on-site or virtually to augment your staff on a temporary or contract basis without impacting your headcount.

Are you short-handed due to staff attrition, a new position that you haven't yet filled, or you just need some temporary help to get you over the hump? We have worked with clients to provide resources on an interim assignment for companies that are seeking to fill an open full-time position, so that the work gets done while you complete your search and hire.